IKOffice MoldManager im Zusammenspiel mit SAP


The complete solution for tool and mold making.

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The IKOffice MoldManager in interaction with SAP

As an SAP partner, we add important functions to your existing main system. The IKOffice MoldManageris a practical product that has been developed in many years of close cooperation with our customers in tool, mold, model and fixture construction. It offers cross-plant planning and is clear, informal and fast in the administrative work, around your order and your projects.

Easy to use, quick to learn and captivating with its excellent price-performance ratio.

"The constant contact to our users and an understanding for their work together with our ability and will to develop the best and most comprehensive product of this kind for this branch, makes the MoldManager such a convincing solution!" 

Ingo Kuhlmann, Managing Director IKOffice GmbH


[Translate to English:] Kapazitätsplanung

Capacity planning

Scenarios, rough planning and detailed planning against given capacities

[Translate to English:] Werkzeugkalkulation

Tool calculation

Similarity comparisons and calculation wizards

[Translate to English:] Zeiterfassung

Time recording

Personal- and machine time, multi-machine connections

[Translate to English:] Kapazitätsplanung

Project Management

Tasks-, status and deadline management

[Translate to English:] Dokumentmanagement

Document Management

File storage and automatic keywording

[Translate to English:] Werkzeugwartung

Tool maintenance

Life cycle, maintenance planning and documentation

Additional features

  • Copy feature
  • Enquiry management
  • Importing parts lists
  • Performance monitoring
  • Quotation analysis
  • Quotation and document generation
  • Quotation tracking
  • Storage
  • Supplier interfaces
  • Versioning
  • Work scheduling
  • Workload overview

Frequently Asked Questions about the MoldManager

IKOffice uses the Java Connector (JCo) provided and certified by SAP. Access via this interface does not require external certification as all accesses are made via standard BAPIs and are therefore validated by SAP itself – based on the authorisation assigned to the user. This procedure therefore does not lead to problems such as SAP’s loss of warranty.

The design and scope of the data exchange is determined individually.

Our server system is delivered as a virtual machine based on Debian Linux. Of course, it can also be installed directly on a (hardware) server, i.e. without a virtualization host. The client is optimised for Windows but actually runs natively under Linux with the same performance and uses GTK 3. The layout is a bit different in some masks, yet the function is identical.

The IKOffice MoldManager is the complete solution for every tool, mould, model, fixture, machine and plant construction. It is aimed at medium-sized companies as well as at the tool and mould making departments of large corporations. It is completely internationalised and designed for simultaneous production of hundreds of projects.

The process is generally completed after 4–8 months. The diagram IKOffice-Setup.pdf visualises the main milestones of set-up.

The costs for the IKOffice MoldManagers are composed as follows:

A basic license (one-time at the time of purchase) Number of user licenses (rule of thumb: 2 per 10 employees or part thereof in the WZB) Introductory package (definition of interfaces and processes, rule of thumb: 1 package per 20 employees in the WZB) Training package (rule of thumb: 1 per 5 users) Annual maintenance costs (approx. 7-12 % of the total amount).

The planning module in the MoldManager pursues a simple goal:  Put 5% more effort into the beginning of the project and gain 20% time saving at the end! Using MoldManager gives you additional time and saves costs by preventing costly unplanned ‘fires’ that need extinguishing. In addition, powerful scheduling wizards and automatic rescheduling reduce your work to a minimum.

Yes, MoldManager can support all business transactions from customer enquiries to invoices. IKOffice MoldManager is one of the leading ERP software applications for tool and mould making in terms of scope and features.

There are intentionally only a few modules in MoldManager. This includes the extended time account management, machine connection and product calculation. These modules are offered separately, if required.

All other functions in MoldManager are needed to plan workshop operations in the quality for which MoldManager is known.

The software created by IKOffice provides a powerful solution platform for all conceivable business transactions. Nevertheless, your company’s unique requirements can be realised through individually configurable settings without losing the connection to the base and thus the ability to update the software.

The maintenance or service contract ensures your system is ready, up-to-date and safe and is a mandatory component during the entire use of your software. It includes all updates as well as telephone help and support for your employees. With approximately 7–12% of the total annual cost, we have created one of the most affordable and at the same time most comprehensive services in this industry.

Yes, MoldManager can be integrated into existing ERP or software environments. For such cases, it complements the existing software landscape completely with project-oriented matters and capacity planning.

The minimum server requirements are as follows:

  • Standard server, preferably by HP
  • Hardware Raid Controller (battery backed), e.g. SmartArray p400
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 2x 140 GB hard disks
  • 1x QuadCore-CPU >2 GHz
  • (We recommend 16 GB RAM and a CPU with ~3GHz. Usually you have more of them, less cores and more GHz to use.

On the client side, the service agreement ensures that you can always use the latest version of Windows for your IKOffice software. The hardware recommendation is essentially determined by the operating system used. We recommend a large monitor for using the powerful capacity planning module. 

Depending on the type of use, IKOffice can connect to surrounding ERP systems such as SAP, Navision, Dynamics, WinCarat, AS400 and many more via interfaces. Data transmission to financial accounting systems such as DATEV, FibuNet, Simba, etc. has already been successfully implemented. Furthermore, there are connections to control stations such as ProSeS or the ARBURG host computer system (ALS) as well as to various quality assurance systems.

However, the exact way in which data is transferred and received is always defined on an individual basis that is made during prior workshops. An example of this is provided in the IKOffice Integration Flow Chart.

IKOffice LivingERP is the product-based ERP system for series production. The IKOffice MoldManager is aimed at the project-based single-part manufacturer as it can be found in tool, mould, model, fixture, machine and plant construction.

The systems unleash their full strength in the seamless interaction between product idea, toolmaking and series production.

The user licenses of the IKOffice software can be purchased as Named or Concurrent (also Floating) licenses. While named licenses specify the names of users, concurrent licenses only limit the number of users. Further explanations can be found in the information sheet “Explanation of Licenses”.

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