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Successful Projects

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Synchronized: Process flows in toolmaking with IKOffice MoldManager


A well-designed tool shop is elementary for iform. The subsidiary of Igus GmbH ensures that the molds, whether new, modified or serviced, are ready on time at the corresponding injection molding machine in production at the renowned energy chain manufacturer. With several hundred injection molding machines, the workflow is permanently disrupted if delays occur.

By introducing our software solution, iform has succeeded in creating transparency and significantly reducing delays in prioritized projects between the individual workstations.

IKOffice MoldManager at Johannes Becker Werkzeugbau GmbH

The planning options that IKOffice MoldManager offers as standard create new freedom in practice for Markus Becker and, in its basic version, provides everything that a classic toolmaker needs in terms of support in his day-to-day work. In addition to commercial tasks, such as the preparation and tracking of quotations, the creation of an order, the creation of delivery notes and invoicing, the company software also plans the essential workshop processes precisely.

In addition to IKOffice MoldManager, Johannes Becker Werkzeugbau GmbH also uses IKOffice's LivingMES solution, which has been integrated into the software environment. The IKOffice LivingMES contains the data acquisition for all production machines in the company. Here, too, Markus Becker attaches great importance to transparency, because the software provides important insights. Process data can be evaluated, downtimes minimized and inefficiencies identified.

More transparency and higher productivity with IKOffice

IKOffice MoldManager solves classic tasks such as commercial and organizational requirements, costing and post-costing, or the creation of a new or maintenance order. In addition, the software supports the organization of the essential workshop processes in an internal mold shop. At Grote+Brocksieper, between six and ten tool orders are now created every day. Each employee working in the tool shop books every single hour of his or her activity into the system, which is then assigned to a defined tool project. Because the corresponding hourly rates are already stored in the system, MoldManager creates a great deal of transparency at this point. This helps Fabian Crummenerl, Technical Manager at Grote+Brocksieper, in the calculation of molds as well as in the post-calculation of mold projects.

The project planning of a tool is optimized with the increasing number of data records and errors or miscalculations are minimized. "The learning effect is software-based and progresses more and more with each project," assures Fabian Crummenerl. "We were particularly convinced by IKOffice's expertise in the field of toolmaking," says Managing Director Jörg Becker, explaining the decision to work together.