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Powerful planning and control for the tool and mold making.

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Your partner for software in toolmaking

IKOffice GmbH develops and distributes the industry-specific complete solution for tool and mold making, the IKOffice MoldManager. The individually customisable software helps customers to optimise processes from enquiry to resource and capacity planning.

In addition, we are developing the IKOffice LivingERP, a comprehensive ERP complete solution for manufacturers of plastic, stamped and formed parts. In combination with IKOffice MoldManager, IKOffice LivingERP creates a seamless link between article-based and project-based production and completes the process chain from the article idea to series production. Our IKOffice LivingMES supports you on the path to digitalisation and Industry 4.0.

The consistent investigation, evaluation and use of new processes and technologies are our priority. In this way, users are continuously supported in the best possible way in their daily task of bringing your company to peak performance in the constant change of the environment. As an SAP partner, we also extend your existing software structure with our solution - internationalised. Customer orientation, consulting and support are what set us apart.

Looking for the optimal software solution for:

Inhouse Werkzeugbau im Konzern

Toolmaking in a group company (inhouse)


Inhouse Werkzeugbau im mittelständischen Fertigungsunternehmen

Toolmaking in a medium sized manufacturing company (inhouse)


Alleinstehender Werkzeugbau mit 5 bis 500 Mitarbeitern

Independent toolmaking (5 to 500 employees)


Fertigungsunternehmen mit Teilfertigung ohner bzw. mit Reparatur-Werkzeugbau

Manufacturing company with parts production (without or with repairs for toolmaking)


Trade fair dates

Kunststofftechnik Nord KUTENO Messe Logo

Kuteno (Germany) – 09/07/2021

KUTENO is a regional, compact supplier fair for the entire process chain of the plastics processing industry. Read more »

What our customers have to say

Continental AG

Audit without obstacles

“I’ve never got through an audit so easily! Halfway through, the auditor said there was nothing more to complain about, consistently throughout the entire toolmaking process. And everyone has access to the same data. Quite a brilliant thing!”

Klaus Faht, Head of Toolmaking, Continental AG, Villingen-Schwenningen

Hilti AG

Productivity increased!

"IKOffice massively increases the productivity of the employees in the work preparation!"

Norbert Knobel, Head of Tool Production at Hilti, Schaan/Lichtenstein

Procter und Gamble

LivingMES for better data!

"The machine connection works perfectly. I get exactly the error messages that I wanted to see and can give my employees targeted and timely feedback [...]. Thanks a lot for this! This makes my job a lot easier and helps us, to generate better data."

Robert Leisring - iPMT Machining Center - Group Leader

Mayweg GmbH - Werkzeugbau & Kunststoffverarbeitung

It’s so simple!

“The product costing tool is truly extraordinary because I can easily and simply adapt the costing and add new modules. The results are shown in a very precise manner. It’s so simple!”

Andreas Meyer, Sales Manager, Mayweg GmbH/ Halver

Wilhelm Weber GmbH & Co. KG

Impressive support

“I was sceptical at first, but now I’m a huge fan. “I’m particularly impressed with the support and adaptability.”

Mr Bork, IT Manager, Weber Company

Halbach & Braun Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co.

THE IKOffice solution is truly impressive

“I’m familiar with the products offered by the competition! I’ll teach the sceptics in a three-month course on our corporate ERP solution so they know just how good IKOffice is.”

Mr Urbach, Halbach & Braun Industrieanlagen GmbH & Co., Hattingen


Great software!

“I still think the software is brilliant! I can only stress again and again that it is fun to work with. I really enjoy using it!”

Sonia Ebert, Managing Director, HIK Systeme und Module GmbH, Rahden

Theo Hillers GmbH

A well considered decision

“We evaluated the market extensively over a period of more than one year and decided in favour of the IKOffice GmbH system.“

Gerd Schmitz, Head of Controlling & IT, Hillers company

Kiefer Werkzeugbau GmbH

I think the software is really good!

“I think the software is really good! The search options are very impressive! Compared to ... you can start it up, intuitively take a quick look, and you’ll get quite far.”

Mr. Splieth, Head of Technical Sales, Kiefer Werkzeugbau GmbH, Schwaigern

Pockauer Werkzeugbau Oertel GmbH

Very good and very intuitive!

“IKOffice is very good and very intuitive. You can configure everything quickly and easily. That's the way I like it. That’s a good thing.”

Mr. Büttner, Pockauer Werkzeugbau Oertel, Pockau-Lengefeld

Riel GmbH & Co. KG

Expectations surpassed

“The MoldManager far exceeded our expectations in terms of transparent planning in toolmaking. We optimised our capacity planning with IKOffice. The investment will pay for itself within a few months.”

Markus Riel, Managing Director, Riel GmbH & Co. KG, Oberderdingen

Walther Wolf GmbH

Dynamic capacity planning is a unique selling point

"The creation of individual lists with enormous filter options is really commendable. Also from the clear comparison of calculation data with the planned data up to the reported actual times and costs is extremely helpful and instructive"

Jochen Dorlöchter, Managing Director, Walther Wolf GmbH, Wendelstein