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Manufacturing companies with parts production (without or with repair in toolmaking)

With IKOffice LivingERP, you succeed in seamlessly linking the article idea, toolmaking and series production. Our software solution is unique in its basic scope and expandability, as it can be additionally extended with extensive modules, such as tool maintenance, time account management, production orders or machine connection. Our system is a leader in the field of machine connection when it comes to the interaction of machine information and graphical capacity planning.

IKOffice LivingERP is aimed directly at manufacturing companies and, together with IKOffice MoldManager, provides a seamless link between article-based and project-based manufacturing. Manage and control your business success with us!

Integration through custom workflow design

IKOffice LivingERP is completely flexible in adapting to your workflow, supporting the transfer of information, task and deadline monitoring, and the assignment of activities to the appropriate clerk. In defined steps, you systematically process inquiries in a controlled manner, create quotations, confirm orders, control inventories, manage and evaluate stock, invoice down payments, partial and total invoices. In doing so, you use modern B2B technologies such as EDI or FeRD.

Intuitive operation, advice and navigation

Event-driven tasks and messages inform you about to-dos and guide the relevant users directly to the places in the system where tasks and decisions are waiting. Design efficient views that map your workflow in a structured and effective way. In addition, the export and import into all common Microsoft Office products facilitates the daily work and the graphical evaluation of valuable company data. A role-based rights system allows your employees precise access to defined data sets.

Control and information

Has the request been processed yet? Is the offer already out? Were we too expensive last time? How high is our order backlog? Has the invoice arrived yet? These and many more questions are answered by our IKOffice LivingERP. The integrated document management makes it easy for you to assign all information to all business transactions.


[Translate to English:] Lager


Storage management, stock management, inventory, KANBAN-Management, batch management

[Translate to English:] Vertriebsabwicklung


Company master, products, prices and price lists, discount logics, quotations, standard, general, consignment, spare part orders and other order types, project processing

[Translate to English:] Einkaufsabwicklung

Purchasing process

Enquiry management, ordering and dunning, procurement strategies, processing general agreements, scheduling, VMI

[Translate to English:] CRM


Contact history, task definition, workflows, CTI, campaign management

[Translate to English:] Produktion


Production order management, PDA, schedules and parts lists, production planning and management, visual planning of all resources

[Translate to English:] BI


Evaluations of all modules and data

Additional features

  • Workload overview
  • Simulation
  • Document management
  • Generating quotations
  • Joint calculation
  • Performance monitoring
  • Controlling
  • Early warning systems
  • Ordering, MRP

Frequently asked questions about LivingERP

Our server system is delivered as a virtual machine based on a Debian Linux. It can also be installed directly on a (hardware) server, i.e. without a virtualization host. The client is optimized for Windows, but also runs just as performantly natively under Linux, where it uses GTK 3. The layout is a bit different in some masks, but identical in function.

IKOffice LivingERP is specifically designed for companies that produce and trade in plastic, stamped, drawn and bent parts. It is suitable for companies with 10 to 500 employees.

The price of the LivingERP is composed as follows:

  •     A basic license (one-time at the time of purchase)
  •     Number of user licenses (rule of thumb: 1 per 10 employees or part thereof)
  •     Introduction package (definition of interfaces and processes, rule of thumb: 1 package per 20 employees)
  •     Training package (rule of thumb: 1 per 10 users)
  •     Annual maintenance costs (approx. 7-12 % of the total amount)

The software created by IKOffice provides the complete solution for all conceivable business transactions. Nevertheless, the specifics of your company can be realized in individual adaptations. Our software is adapted together with you to the conditions on site, without you losing the connection to the base and thus the ability to update.

The maintenance or service contract ensures the readiness, up-to-dateness and security of your system and is a mandatory component throughout the use of your software. It includes all updates as well as telephone help and support for your employees. We have created one of the most favorable and at the same time most extensive service contracts in this industry, with a yearly rate of approx. 7-12% of the total amount.

IKOffice recommends the use of a virtual server, as we can provide pre-configured virtual machines for it. Of course, the IKOffice server can also be installed on a physical machine. If this should be the case, this will be coordinated with you individually.

The minimum requirements for the virtual server are as follows:

* Memory: min. 8GB RAM
* Processor: min. 1 CPU core
* Hard disk space: min. 20GB HDD

Recommended requirement:

* RAM: 12-16GB
* Processor: 2-4 CPU cores (from 10 concurrent users rather 4 cores)
* Processor frequency: >= 3Ghz CPU Freq. (IKOffice benefits from single thread performance)
* Hard disk space: >=50GB HDD (more if IKOffice document management is used)

Depending on the type of use, IKOffice can connect via interfaces to surrounding ERP systems such as SAP, Navision, Dynamics, WinCarat, AS400 and many more. We also successfully realize the transfer to financial accounting systems such as DATEV, FibuNet, Simba, etc.. Furthermore, connections exist, for example, to time recording systems such as ZEUS, AIDA, ATOSS or bedatime and control stations such as ProSeS or the ARBURG master computer system (ALS), as well as to various QA systems.

However, the exact method of transferring and accepting data is always an individual definition, which is agreed in preceding workshops. As an example, the integration is shown graphically in our flow chart.

IKOffice MoldManager is aimed at the project-based individual manufacturer, as found in tool, mold, model, fixture, machine and plant construction, and our IKOffice LivingERP is the article-based ERP system for series production. The IKOffice LivingMES supports the digitalization of your workshops.

The systems develop their full strength in the seamless interaction between product idea, toolmaking and series production.

The user licenses of the IKOffice software can be purchased as named or concurrent (also floating) licenses. While with Named licenses the users are defined by name, the number of Concurrent licenses only limits the number of any users. For further explanations, please refer to the License Explanations information sheet.